Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Orktoberfest 2011 - Army Photos

No, my blog isn't dead. It's merely been... resting. Yes, resting.

To be perfectly honest, I've been rather slack on the miniatures painting front since February. After helping produce 7+ new tables of terrain for the local club in preparation for the annual tournament in June (which I also happened to be running this year), I completely lost track of getting my Emperor's Children finished.

All that changed about 6 weeks ago when I realised I had to get things ready for the Orktoberfest tournament in Brisbane. They're not quite 100% done yet, but they're almost there.

The following are some photos of just a few of the armies present over the weekend.

Later in the week I hope to post a little more about my experiences in the tournament itself.

My Emperor's Children:

SneakyDan's Grey Knights (Counts as Thousand Sons) - Players Choice for Best Painted

And the rest...

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